Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Modest Dreams

My husband and I bought a unit at auction over the weekend. A cute little early 60's number by the seaside.
Now I spend my nights laying awake contemplating space maximisation and decor.
My main inspirations is IKEA. The front of the catalogue says "A home doesn't have to be big, just smart." I love that! So many good ideas to be stolen. Below are some of my favourite items.
It will be a long 45 days til settlement!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Madame Fancy Pants

While on a recent holiday to Wellington, New Zealand, I stumbled across a lovely store. It's name was Madame Fancy Pants.

Located in the uber trendy Cuba Street, I was browsing around at all the lovely goodies and finalising some purchases. I picked up some sweet lollipops and pencils for friends back home, all with lovely quotes.

Meanwhile my husband was getting plenty of helpful advice from the store owner, and having a map drawn for us on what we should check out in the city. All in all a charming experience!

Why not check out the accessories and friendly items on their site here?