Monday, August 30, 2010


Above are the contents of an order I sent off to Kansas last week. This is how I usually package my orders before sending them out to their new homes.
This little black bunny & free gift should have now arrived at its new home. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gifts for the bride to be

On the weekend it was my sister in law to be Leora's kitchen tea. We had a very posh and lovely afternoon down the Mornington Peninsula.

Here are the presents I bought her. Of course I raided my favourite op shop, as well as taking a trip t2 to complete her gift.

'Begin each day as if the sun were shining' porcelain wall plaque from 1974 & Doiley
Porcelain Bride & Groom Ornament
French Earl Grey, Green Rose and Vanilla Mint T2 Tea stack tin

Sunday, August 22, 2010

'Let's Frolic' Treasury

My Brown Bear cameo brooch was added to a Woodland inspired treasury called 'Let's Frolic'.
Great work putting this together SOMETHiNGMONUMENTAL. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crushing on Percy Handmade

When I visit this store music starts playing in my head. I know I'm in love.
Percy Handmade is run by Tania from Canberra. I am so happy that these beautiful creations are made in Australia.
She even uses the word and colour Aubergine!
Just have to order one of the hairpieces to wear to Tim & Leora's wedding in October... but which to choose!!
You can visit Percy Handmade Etsy shop here and blog here

Midnight Poppy Headband Custom Order

I recently received a custom order for a headband. The info I was given was 'black and red headband' and 'go for it'. So I did! And the final result was this Midnight Poppy headband!

Thank you to Amanda for modelling the headband on her gorgeous golden locks!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Featured Etsy Blogger: Patch

I have recently been accepted into the Etsy Blogger Team. This means that each month I will be featuring a seller from Etsy.

This month it is Patch. Patch has in fact 3 Etsy stores! Busy busy!

1. Patch First Shop, selling vintage style wedding jewellery
Patch Vintage Clothing store.. which is my favourite of the three. Here is one of the vintage pieces I love.

3. Patch Supply store selling some cute, quirky things like these Lottery Tickets from Tokyo converted into gift tags!

Keep up the good work! :)

Cupcake Day

Today is RSPCA Cupcake Day. We are hosting a cup cake party at work! Some of our staff offered to bake delicious cup cakes. I have eaten 3 so far :)

These are the Gluten Free Vanilla and Raspberry cup cakes I made.

All funds raised go to RSPCA in Victoria. Just had a peek in the donation tin and we have raised $75 so far! I am proud of everyone and their efforts today to help animals across Victoria :)

The early bird catches the worm

After a couple of months waiting and a week of late nights preparing, the day for bramble and bears first market stall came on Sunday!
It happened to be the morning after a friends wedding reception in a far away land (Merricks North) so after 4 hours sleep I awoke on Sunday morning to the sound of my alarm and gale force winds blowing outside. At least it wasn't raining! Yet...

My brother in law Tim and I arrived at Camberwell Market at 6am and set up our stall.
At 9am clouds had gathered and a downpour of rain caught everyone by surprise. Lucky for us and the stall next door to ours, my husband Sean had bought us a $100 gazebo we could share and use to keep dry!
Leora's dog Keeta keeps guard over Tim's Hiss Hiss merchandise! She even models one of his screen printed shirts!

Some of Bird's Go Tweet's gorgeous products www.birds

I was pleasantly surprised at the success of bramble and bears first market stall, especially in spite of the weather! Thank you to everyone who braved the rain and wind and to all my new customers!
I'm looking forward to holding more stalls in the future!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Market this Sunday!

Sunday bramble and bear has it's first market stall booked! It is a joint stall with my brother in law Tim, and his fiance Leora from 'Birds Go Tweet'.

We are all pretty creative and love our work, hoping other people will enjoy it too!

So if your free on Sunday between 6.30am - 12.30pm, get down to Camberwell Market in Melbourne. At least there will be some free Chocolate coated caramels in it for you!

Here are some new I will be selling... from my 'Well Read Forest Friends' range.. also now available on my Etsy store.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shack Sweet Shack

My brother in law Tim and his fiance Leora are going to live in a shack when they wed, which is rather soon, October! A while back at the Etsy Craft Party I freestyled this embroidery, my first ever!
Thought it was a good enough engagement present for these kids. Have heard they love it and are going to hang on their wall in their brand new shack. :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well read forest friends

Otter rabbit and Bear as sketched by me in a vintage book, 'Half Way' by Cecil Roberts, published in 1936.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The smell of new paper...

Have you ever heard of Kaiser Craft? If not... get clicking...!! They make many stunning varieties of paper goods, embellishments and pretty wooden components for craft projects. Simply divine!
I know most of these products are intended for scrapbooking, but as I have found they are also perfect for making cards, invitations and bunting! Not only that but they smell so fresh and new :)

Above are just a selection of my favourite designs. They are also responsible for my new blog header... love it. Lucky for me there is a store just around the corner from my work open until 6pm. Guess where I'm heading tonight... :)