Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marisol Spoon

Last night while Etsy browsing I found shop to dote on... Marisol Spoon. Super cute badges. Most of these prints by Marisol are also available in art prints and lockets Pretty squirrel locket! Adorable Stella of the Sea print. Enjoy your Friday people! xx

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mice friends

These are my 3 pet mice friends. They were photographed about a month ago by my husband in his new studio. This is the cuddliest, oldest, wisest mouse I have, Bear. Bear just turned 2, which is 80 in mouse years. She is a siamese texel (which means her fur is wavy) and is very pretty with her ruby coloured eyes. This is the baby of the group - kind hearted Yasha, who will turn 2 at the end of May. And last but not least Mem, the clean freak of the group. She is always so busy making house! I have had the girls nearly 2 years and seen them grow and cared for them through their ups and downs. I adore them and am quite sad that their little lives will soon be coming to a close. But don't worry, we will make the most of their elderly years!

What are you reading?

There is a film that I adore called Doctor Zhivago. The 3 hour epic was made in 1965 and tells the story of various Russians affected by the First World War and Revolution in Russia. Of course there is a love story involved.
My dad ordered me the book from the US. It is hardcover and has beautiful roughly 'cut' pages. Now to get my head around those long Russian names! So, what are you reading?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Products March 2011 - 20% Off!

Pretty new items now available on and Little Shop Of Handmade in Carnegie. To say thanks to my loyal readers I am offering 20% off the entire range of bramble and bear. Simply add the coupon code ONEYEAR at checkout on my Etsy store with any purchase before April 14th. My way of saying thank you! :)

Two little blue birds sit on a branch. It is a chilly winter morning, but they keep their spirits up. Chirping away, they appear to say ‘Spring is nearly here’.

Ginger the kitten is very cheeky. On any given afternoon you may find her scaling the blossom tree in search of a dangling blossom with which to play.

Meet Samson the Mini Lop rabbit. He enjoys nothing more than a quiet evening in his library reading prose and smoking his pipe. (Hand drawn by me!)

Full bloom of summer beauty, freshly picked from a cottage garden and placed in a Victorian vase.

Meet Charming Mr. Frog. Decked in coat tails and cravat and armed with a bouquet of freshly picked flowers, he is ready to sweep you off your feet.

Little Miss Kitty. Isn’t she pretty, with her pink bow and petticoat? With one last check on those scones in the oven, she is all ready to greet her guests for afternoon tea.

This morning was a special morning. Everyone in the Deer family got up bright and early. There was a lot of brushing and preening. Now with their antlers high and proud they pose for their annual family portrait. Don’t they look grand?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Penguin cake toppers

A lovely girl at work Amanda is getting married. Her and her fiance once saw some penguins in the wild with their arms around each others back, like they were having a cuddle! So when thinking about cake topper decorations for their wedding, penguins were an obvious choice. I worked with Amanda in the design of these pretties which I sculpted in polymer clay and painted. I am pleased with the result. I wish Amanda and her fiance every happiness for their special day next week and for decades to come!

During the molding stage
Final result

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Celebrate with us

Wowee! bramble and bear has as of March 14 officially been around for one year. It's all gone so quickly and I am happy with the improvements and progress of this little business over the past year.
To celebrate I have done two things.

1) Pretty new banner for my Etsy store! What do you think? (click to view fullsize)

2) 20% off all in store until April 14th! Simply enter ONEYEAR as a coupon code on check out to make your purchase an absolute bargain.

Thank you to all my customers, you make this so enjoyable and worthwhile!! Could not have done it without you.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

A very pretty little tea party

On Saturday afternoon I went to a very pretty little tea party hosted by my sister in law, Leora.
A couple of weeks before hand I had received a gorgeous invitation in the mail which she purchased from Whimsy Whimsical's etsy store.
It was a beautiful sunny day and 8 lovely ladies enjoyed cupcakes, sparkling pink lemonade and delectable teas. The little shack Leora and my brother in law call their home was decorated with handmade crepe flowers and buntings. There were also plenty of lollies to go around and we each got a kikki.K. lolly bag to take home with us.
All in all a lovely afternoon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Custom Bunnies

About a month ago I received a lovely Etsy convo from someone who had made a purchase from my market stall 5 months ago. I remember them clearly - the girl of the couple had been debating whether to purchase the necklace of polymer clay rabbit Poppy or polymer clay rabbit Rhubarb. She ended up choosing Poppy and now wanted to reunite her with her sister Rhubarb. But alas, Rhubarb had been sold! So I worked with the couple and made them some other options for friends for Poppy. It ended up they wanted the whole familly! So Pumpkin, Rose and Parsley have now all gone off to their new home in the Australian Capital Territory with Poppy.