Sunday, July 4, 2010


Last year I read War And Peace. I full agree with this quote "You do not read this book, you live it." Epic. Tolstoy has this way of making you relate to each of the characters. They are all so human and when they make mistakes, feel pain or joy, there is a special way Tolstoy pulls you and and makes you feel exactly what they are feeling. I love them like they are people I have known for years. Also the way he describes scenes is tragically beautiful. Infinitely better than watching a movie in 3D.
My dad and I unknowingly started reading the book within 3 days of each other. It was great having someone to talk about it all with. Now Dad is reading Anna Karenina and I have started reading it too. After War And Peace it has high expectations to live up to and I'm sure it will not disappoint.
I have already started wearing headscarfs around town. Dressing up for the cold Russian winter!

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