Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mice friends

These are my 3 pet mice friends. They were photographed about a month ago by my husband in his new studio. This is the cuddliest, oldest, wisest mouse I have, Bear. Bear just turned 2, which is 80 in mouse years. She is a siamese texel (which means her fur is wavy) and is very pretty with her ruby coloured eyes. This is the baby of the group - kind hearted Yasha, who will turn 2 at the end of May. And last but not least Mem, the clean freak of the group. She is always so busy making house! I have had the girls nearly 2 years and seen them grow and cared for them through their ups and downs. I adore them and am quite sad that their little lives will soon be coming to a close. But don't worry, we will make the most of their elderly years!

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