Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Florentius The Gardener

Some illustrations and words worth taking a look at - from Kęstutis Kasparavicius, Lithuanian illustrator of children's books. Here are a couple of illustrations from one of his 48 books, Florentius the Gardener.

I think that a good book for children must also be a good book for adults. I try to write so that one would want to read the same book over and over again. Books should be such that one wouldn't want to throw them in the corner after opening the first page. Such that one could turn the pages for a long while, look at the drawings without reading the text, or, quite the opposite, read without paying attention to the illustrations. Such that one could start reading right from the middle or actually try reading from the end. Such that there would be points in them at which one wants to pause and think for a while and, certainly, not rush.

Courtesy of Lithuanian Children's Book Exhibition 'Illustrarium'. Click the link to find many more wonderful illustrators.

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