Thursday, June 3, 2010

25 things you may not know about me (or want to know!)

1. I absolutely love ice cream and chocolate… but am allergic to dairy.

2. I live above a nail salon.

3. I don't like having showers. They make me cold, they make me sneeze.

4. I wear glasses because I am as blind as a bat. 1950’s business man style… they make me look awesome!

5. I have a favourite op shop. It is my secret treasure trove.

6. I love watching old movies and listening to old music… the musical film ‘Gold Diggers of 1933’ is a perfect example!

7. I have a 6 year old pet blue tongue lizard named Herschel Vern Mathers. We love drinking soy milk and sitting in the sun at the park.

8. I love dancing to top 40 dance music! Best!

9. I would like to take your picture.

10. I don’t (can’t) drink alcohol, but I still have fun and feel good the next day!

11. I feel at ease dancing like an idiot being the centre of attention on the dance floor, but usually uncomfortable in conversation with two or more people.

12. I love window shopping at Chadstone by myself. If I haven’t been for a few weeks I feel sad.

13. I absolutely lo-o-o-ve history. Anything from 1805-1960… I want to read/hear about it!

14. I have 3 pet mice. Mem, Bear and Yasha.

15. I have two pet guinea pigs, Marmaduke Hubbard(lives in a cupboard) and Guinea 2. They have awesome long crazy hair and say bok-bok. Happiness.

16. The only show I take time out to watch is Man Vs. Wild with Bear Grylls.

17. One day I would love to be selling my jewellery successfully and sculpting it out of silver. I’m working on the dream.

18. I married this guy. His name is Sean. Because I live with him I sometimes forget how different, interesting and awesome he is. No really. My life is never boring.

19. Sean and I love getting on to rooftops in the city. Just random flights of stairs and there you have it… secret city view! Maybe even the odd 1930's bottle in perfect condition with the cork still in.

20. I have had a crush on Neil Finn from Split Endz/Crowded House since I was 9.

21. I’d like to raise a daughter. I hope she’ll be my friend.

22. I think I might be addicted to Etsy/Facebook/Twitter.

23. I have been to 9 shows of this awesome Melbourne band The Fearless Vampire Killers. So fun to dance to like a girl from the 1964! And I may have a little crush on the lead singer.

24. My music tastes change with the season. Summer = Triple J 107.5. Winter = Golden Days Radio 95.7/ Magic 1278.

25. I love to read classic novels. Martin Chuzzlewhit by Charles Dickens, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte are my favourites.

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