Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011. Hi.

I have just returned to the real world after a lovely summer holiday. I hope you have had a nice break too!

It would appear we have a bit to catch up on! I will fill you in on my 2.5 week camping holiday in the best way I know, with 5 of my favourite photographs from the trip.

Unfortunately while we were away there was a small fire at our home. The housesitters got there in good time (it wasn't their fault) otherwise things would have been a lot worse. There was barely any property damage besides the smell of smoke which has clung to everything. The saddest part was that in the fire we lost our dear friend and favourite pet... Herschel Vern Mathers. He was turning 7 next week and still had many good years left in him.
But we have so many nice and funny memories of Herschel and our adventures with him. We are so grateful we got to spend two years of our lives with him! In closing here is one of his songs... Of course in this case the lyrics are changed from "My Girl" to "Herschel".
We miss you Hersch!

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