Thursday, January 20, 2011

Barnaby Rudge

Whilst on holidays I finished reading two novels from my favourite author, Charles Dickens. I finally finished Oliver Twist, which I had been reading on and off for 6 months and unfortunately become disengaged with. I then read A Tale of Two Cities, Dicken's second historical novel in which he bases characters and additional stories around real historical events. Two Cities was based around the French Revolution, which I had studied in school so had an understanding of. It was an excellent novel with some classic unforgettable Dickens passages of personification (giving inanimate objects human characteristics). It was overall a very engaging retelling of a dark period in history, with some very emotional and sometimes violent twists and turns.

The next book I bought to read was another safe bet, this time Charles Dickens 'Barnaby Rudge'. It was his first historical novel based on the 1780 Gordon Riots in England. The main character Barnaby has a pet raven named 'Grip' who speaks and sings. I am halfway through the novel and enjoying it so far. Will have to let you know how I find the second half!

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