Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A date with Neil Finn. Well, kinda.

I feel I've been keeping something from you... I had the best night of the year on Friday November 5th. I bought a new outfit, a train ticket and trotted along to Rod Laver Arena early that evening.

When I first entered the arena and took my seat I was greeted by the sounds of Oh Mercy performing a gorgeous set to a mostly empty and terribly dark stadium.

But before 9pm the arena was almost full and Crowded House came on stage to perform a 2 hour long moving, energetic and funny show!
I'll be quite honest with you, it could have been a Split Enz reunion tour, a Finn Brothers tour or a Neil Finn solo show. As long as Neil Finn was there I was more happy than words can express!!

"This is the part in the show where we all lie down on the floor"

I wish I took these photos but I was so far back they all kind of looked like lemmings to me!

There were many tears (I was probably the only person who cried right through the first 2 songs!), laughs and sing a longs. So much audience interaction and the guys were so relaxed and funny, even reading out a letter handed to them from someone in the crowd. One of my favourite parts was when a chubby guy down the front ripped off his shirt in "Mean to Me", swung it around his and many other peoples heads for 30 seconds before throwing it on stage. A few too many overpriced beers for that guy!

It is a night I will not forget and it cannot be summed up in a silly little blog post.

So the next time you are wondering if you should go and see that daggy band that noone else you know wants to go and see, take my advice: Buy yourself a ticket and have the best night of the year!

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  1. oh, I am VERY jealous! I've been to a Neil Finn concert, have most of the Crowded House CDs...and LOVE his voice!
    Glad you had a lovely "date" :-)