Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Otogicco Little Red Riding Hood

I remember the moment... the first time I saw a piece of Japanese Otogicco wonder. My sister in law Leora had purchased a teapot online from Urban Outfitters and it sat smiling at me on the dresser at her house. Wow. Not only was it super cute, but also functional, Little Red Riding Hood's head is a cup!
So a couple of weeks later when I saw some of the Otogicco collection at Borders in Melbourne Central, I just had to purchase!
So I bought this for my sister who had been complaining of not having a teapot. Hey, it's close enough.


  1. I LURVE this! I want to put her on my xmas wishlist now. :)

  2. I can see myself with this mug. And a bag of Orange Pekoe tea. Yes.

  3. Its such a cute range. Glad ya'll like!