Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Waspalicious

Last night when Sean and I were having dinner outside I saw a Praying Mantis on the lemon tree.
Then I saw a European Wasp land right near him on the tree. The Praying Mantis starting doing the 'I'm a leaf blowing in the breeze' walk and came right up behind the wasp and grabbed it. I was so excited; I thought the wasp might actually sting Mr. Mantis, but he won and ate him head first!!

Then after he'd finished eating and cleaning himself I picked him up and he was just looking at me. I love him. This morning I went out to the lemon tree and Mr. Mantis was still there so I said hello.
Meanwhile Ginny was just 'bok bok bok'-ing around and looking for a place to get comfy.

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