Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Last night I went out on a shoot with Sean.

There were 4 skaters, 2 from Melbourne, 1 from Canadia(as Sean says it) and one from Venice.

We met at the city Library, then after getting kicked off grounds by the security guard went to a spot at a car park in West Melbourne. To get there we had to drive between some student accommodation buildings where we waited for uni students having bbq’s and drinking around a pool to get out of our way. It was like “Are we really meant to drive through here?”

After that we went to the Lucky Coq on Chapel Street for $4 pizzas. I had pumpkin, pine nut & soy cheese… so yum but so naughty!! (I’m not meant to eat wheat)

Christian, Alex & Ethan waiting for their pizzas

Walking along the footpath on the way back to the car someone saw a dead bird. So Ethan from Canada took a photo of it. Then he showed us another photo of a dead rat on his camera. Its was squashed on the concrete with its tongue hanging out.

One of the stories Ethan told last night went as follows… (you’ll have to imagine the accent)

“I swear to God, this one time I saw a dead cat... Four legs, a tail, ears, that’s it......No whiskers.”

“No torso?”

“No torso, no head. And smoking a cigarette.”


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