Thursday, March 4, 2010

Teddy Girls

The other day I lashed out and bought the Feb/March issue of Oyster Magazine…

I Fell in love with a photo shoot called ‘Teddy Girls’. It is a reference to the Teddy Boy subculture of the 1950’s.

Early 1950’s England made way for the first groups of teenagers who wanted to be differentiated from adults and children. As it was a few years after the war incomes were beginning to increase and some middle and upper class teenagers wanted to rebel against society, and show they cared about the way they dressed when going out. Thus they spent a lot of money on tailored Edwardian style jackets, shirts and pants. The name Teddy is short for Edward, referring to the time when King Edward reigned from 1901 – 1910. Thus the Edwardian revival was born. Some of these groups formed gangs and were involved in violence against rival gangs.

In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than wavy fringes showing defined eyebrows!~~~

I dunno about you but it makes me want to go out and buy a million more pairs of brogues!

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