Monday, March 8, 2010

Stormy Storm Storm Storm

So in Melbourne there was a massive hail storm on Saturday in Melbourne.

“Where were you when the storm hit?”
I was watching Seinfield.

Then I ran to the train in the rain as I was meant to go to Laurens. But the train only took me one station. I was stranded at Caulfield with hundreds of other people due to power outages and floods. Sweet. You could be forgiven for mistaking the tunnel under the station for a sewer. But this crazy Chinese woman and her soon to be pet pigeon didn’t seem to mind… She kept chasing this poor pidgeon around! I think it might been a potential pigeon soup!

I decided to try and walk back home then catch a tram or drive in from there. But Lauren kindly offered to pick me up in her new car… Little did she know how bad the traffic would be! It took her an hour to get from Parkville to Richmond and all up she spent 4 hours in the car!! So many roads were blocked off. On the plus side we did have a dance party in the car.

When we finally got home at 9.30 we cracked open a bottle of red, watched Night at the Roxbury and played with Shani and Vaughan’s bunnies, Nougat and Gus.

Not very cute...

On Sunday night some peeps came over to mine for an indoor Moonlight Cinema experience. We watched Fantastic Mr. Fox & Aladdin.
My favourite lines from Fantastic Mr. Fox are “Divide that by 9 please.” and “…and these apples look fake, but, at least they have stars on them.”

I’ve seen that movie 3 times :) Love it love it love it!

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